Book review “Make Time, how to focus on what matters everyday”

There are two powerful forces that compete in time. We called them The Busy Bandwagon and The Infinity Pools.
The Busy Bandwagon is something in our everyday life that make us busy regularly. Such as work at office, meeting and do some projects. And The Infinity Pools is something that makes us procrastinate and sink us in them. Such as social media and some applications in our smartphone
We as a human is sitting between them right now. If we cant control them, we will pulled in opposite directions by The Busy Bandwagon and The Infinity Pools. So, what should we do to create balance and focus on what matters everyday?
In this book, there a many ways to do. The first step is just divide your daily activities in three ways : Highlight Laser Energize. When you get more work to do in one day, just write it down in the paper. Make a list of it. Then make a priority of your work. The first rank of your To-Do list is your highlight in one day. It means you must accomplish it in the end of your day.
After you get the highlight, you must focus on it. It called Laser. Just focus on your highlight while you do other unimportant job. As example : if your highlight is finishing your project, just focus on it while you do other job like checking email, do the meeting or make a presentation for your team.
How to get focus and make your laser work well ? You must beat the distraction. There are many distraction around us. Such an example is social media application and email. You must beat it. Sometimes you must disconnected from it and just focus on your highlight. We can stay out from infinity pool with these way :
Block your social media for a while. When you cant blocked it and you cant stay away from it, you can use it as your tools. You can use social media to write blog or selling something online. It means, while using social media you still make time for important things.
Ignore the news from internet.
Put your smart phone away.
Dont often check your social media.
Sleep mode your phone.
In the middle of the day when our energy need to recharge,we can boost it with real good food. Dont eat junk food. You can use caffeine if your energy level is low. Because caffeine can boost your energy. But remember, control the sugar. Maybe to get your body stay fit and healthy, you can go to the gym or do some exercise at home everyday as you can. It can make you stay fit and do your highlight well.
At the end of the day, we can make some reflection of our To-Do list. We can evaluate it. Such as :
Have I do my job well ?
What is the distraction when I do this job?
When is the best time I can do my job?
What make me happy today ?
After we evaluate it, we can erase or change our tactics to do the highlight. We can keep doing the tactics if we feel it works well. Or we can change the tactics if it doesnt work well. It depends on us. Just see it and how it work.
I recommend this book for the people who cant manage their time. Because in this book, we can get some tips step by step to manage our time well. The tips is practicable and easy to follow. Just do it and feel the result.
Book Title : Make Time,How to Focus on What Matters Everyday by Jake Knapp and
John Zeratsky.
Published : 2018.
Pages : 287 pages.

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